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®There are 2 passions of my youth which stayed with me when i grew up. The first one is Lego®. I could play with it for hours and let my fantasy go. Í've build all kind of buildings and ships.
The other passion is Star Wars. I was 8 years old when I saw Star Wars for the first time and I was completely sold. Great story, great special effects, great characters and above all, what a great spaceships!!!!
With the Lego® i had at that moment, I tried to build the ships from Star Wars, but in the end, not the results I hoped for.

About 3 years ago I was standing in a toystory buying a present for my daughter when I walked by wall with Lego®. My eye caught Star Wars Lego® and I dreamt away back to when I was an 8 years old. A Tie Fighter from Lego®. Wow! The current 8 year olds are so lucky.

Star Wars Lego® Tie Interceptor
Star Wars Lego® Tie Interceptor

Who am I kidding? I have a great job, can affort it. Why not.

So i bought the ship and enjoyed every Lego® part of building it. It was the beginning of the end! From time to time i bought myself a ship and my wife even bought me the bigger ones for my birthday. My home office is expanding with all the Star Wars Lego®.

But there is one ship that still missing, a ship most loved by me and lots of other Star Wars fans. The Millenium Falcon. The folks at Lego® must have know that and it isn't really strange that they made it the crown jewel of their collection with over 5000 parts it is the Lego® box with the most parts. The price is 500 euro and not something you can easily buy. But one day... it will come!

Star Wars Lego® Millenium Falcon
Star Wars Lego® Millenium Falcon

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